Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Thameslink Programme liveried 319

Thameslink Programme liveried 319
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Here's a picture of the newly liveried 319 365 to draw customer attension to the Thameslink Programme website. Hopefully it will get their attension and not make them switch off!

Currently the unit is tending to be one of the Wimbledon/Sutton loop to St Albans or Luton services.

For a look at FCC/DfT Thameslink Programme site go to www.thameslinkprogramme.co.uk

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Problems with the Thameslink 377s

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Its come to light that there is problems with the delivery of the 337/5's. Basically the economical downturn has affected Bombardier suppliers meaning that they can't supply all 23 units by March. Bombardier has announced today that it "aimed to supply" 15 units ready for the March 2009 deadline for the Moorgate TL branch and Blackfriars bay platform closures. First Capital Connect is in talks with the DfT to work out how to keep to the Thameslink Programme (TLP) timetable without this extra stock. This could impact the entire TLP futher delaying the start of major works. The original deadline for KO0 (Key Output Zero) was this month but had to be put back already. Hopefully FCC and DfT can work out some contingency plans to allow the TLP to start on time and finally deliver some much need relief for the long suffering passangers.

Friday, 19 December 2008

DLR Woolwich Arsenal Update

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Its been confirmed that the Woolwich Arsenal extension of the DLR is to open on the 10th January. It also seems this will be followed up on the 12th by the offical opening. More details when I get them.

Just to note that this is another completed DLR extension thats finished ahead of time and on budget! Success for the DLR once again!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thameslink Programme (TLP) starts

Sorry for the delay folks, been busy working (and gathering information) in my new job hence the lack of posts.

Now back to business and the first physical signs of Thameslink Programme (TLP) have begun with the curtailing of services through the core. All southbound services will call into St Pancras International (high level) as of around 2230.

Last services through the core as follows

2154 to Bedford (semi fast)
2206 to Bedford - all stations

After this trains terimiate at London Bridge

As for northbound trains here are the last services from Blackfrairs.

2112 Blackfriars to Sevenoaks

Later services now run from Victoria every night until early morning.

2204 to Brighton via London Bridge
2216 to Sutton via Wimbledon

So basically from 2200 (10pm) until around 0430am you have to use Underground or rail replacement service. All FCC service tickets are vaild on the Underground but SouthEastern tickets aren't.

This all came around the same time as the december timetable change requiring re-timing of most services in the area (generally eariler). As work begins on the station building with the two new entrances at Blackfriars begun, the bridge works at Farringdon under way the Thameslink 2000 Programme is finally here!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

London Overground New Trains

London Overground sign
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This image is the latest from TfL and announcing the arrival of the new trains. These are due to be introduced during early 2009 with the whole network using the new 378s by the end of summer. This will be the latest sign yet to commuters yet that TfL is pouring money into improving services. also along with the new train ads the date of the 2nd January 2009 for the new Overground platforms to come into use at Stratford. These are to the north of the current station along the lines to Tottenham Hale. The current platforms will be boarded off for work to convert them into DLR platforms for re-opening in July 2010 as the new Stratford International extension.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Thameslink Programme

London Blackfriars (Thameslink)
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The first visible part of the Thameslink programme has begun with the start of demolishing of 179 Queen Street (it was an LU office building). This will allow for the new glass fronted station to be constructed. This also means that from March 2nd 2009 the Underground station closes to allow for rebuilding. When the station opens late 2011 both the platforms on the District/Circle lines will be refurished. The 3 terimating platforms currently on the east side of the station will also close on the 22nd March with currently terimating trains will continue through the Thameslink core to Kentish Town. The Thameslink station will be closed for 4 weeks next summer but the rest of the time will remain open.

For an image of the station when its finished click here

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

DLR Stratford International Works

New Viaduct
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Here is the new viaduct that will take trains from Custom House direction over the Stratford International extension tracks as its really starting to take shape. The whole thing should be finished with a year for track laying and signalling to go in.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

BAA adds to the funding pot

Its been announced that BAA are to give Crossrail £230m towards the total £16bn cost of the project.

Transport minister on the announcement said "Crossrail will definitely go ahead and the announcement of £230m from BAA further underpins the credibility of the project and ensures that the work will proceed from 2010 so that it could be open in 2017."

He went on to add that the city had agreed to "significant contribution to the future of Crossrail",

"Crossrail will be transformational for transport in London creating the first comprehensive east-west connections that we have had in a generation in terms of new links."

I think the last line is forgetting the Central Line tho. Overall this is good news as it means that more funding is coming to the Crossrail pot as the project moves forward. What is critical right now is actual funding as from 2010 the first construction works are expected to start with enabling works (ie moving pipes in streets) already begun this mega project is moving forward slowly. The good news is that the building of Crossrail 1 is expected to create 30,000 jobs during the construction period, something we ae in dire need of doing.

Monday, 3 November 2008

3 Car Testing between King George V to Woolwich Arsenal

3 Car Testing between King George V to Woolwich Arsenal
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On sunday 2nd Feburary 2008 the DLR begain testing of two 3 car trains running between King George V and Woolwich Arsenal to test headway and jounery times. The test was done with 2 three car P stock (old trains) and ran for most of the day. This video is of a train departing King George V and heading into the tunnel for Woolwich Arsenal. To watch the video click on the image.

3 Car Testing between King George V to Woolwich Arsenal

3 Car Testing between King George V to Woolwich Arsenal
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On sunday 2nd Feburary 2008 the DLR begain testing of two 3 car trains running between King George V and Woolwich Arsenal to test headway and jounery times. The test was done with 2 three car P stock (old trains) and ran for most of the day. This video is of a train arriving from Woolwich Arsenal before it goes to the crossover beyond the station and reverses. To watch the video click on the image.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

DLR Victoria Extension

DLR Victoria Extension
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The TfL have released a map (in the current edition of Modern Railways Nov 08) of a possible DLR extension from Bank to Victoria possibly calling at City Thameslink, Charing Cross and Victoria. This is a change from last year DLR thinking as they had ideas of Kings Cross/Euston as the natural extension from Bank (well it does face that direction). The purple line in this picture is Crossrail.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Westfield Transport

Westfield Transport
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Wlle this is different tho Im not sure they realise the loco, 59TS and bus are all withdrawn?

Nice to see the 59/62TS in a brand new development!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

DLR Woolwich Arsenal

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With only a few months to go the DLR/TfL held a press event at Woolwich Arsenal today. This consisted of a tour of the station and then a walk into the tunnels. Ive managed to upload the images Ive taken from my visit at the following address.


The new £180m 2.km from King George V to Woolwich Arsenal station is the DLR's second Thames crossing. It will be the first DLR station with a control room as well as a gateline. When it opens on the 2nd of February 2009 it will be the DLR 40th station and the end to the 5th extension.

Oh and currently hand over to operation is running early with full testing expected to start in December.

Monday, 27 October 2008

October 2008 Map

October 2008 Map
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With a few changes. After recently using Tottenham Hale station thats suppose to be step free and seeing a 5-6 inch drop from the train to platform I realised these symbols were useless so Ive removed them.

Brings back the more classic map tho its still spoiled by the ELL replacement buses more than anything else. I may do a mao with the buses removed and put the ELLX as under construction. Will look alot better. But in the mean time enjoy this map.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

FCC network in 2015

FCC network in 2015
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Here is a map of the propsed FCC network once the completed network is fully operational. Not the new links in the south deep into Southern's and Southeastern's terriories. The stations served aren't 100% fixed yet and aren't due to be confirmed offically until 2013. For now this is the most complete map.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Works at Stratford

Works at Stratford
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More works on the soon to be DLR platforms. as from 2010 where this rail/road digger is will be the platform for Stratford International. Currently (temporary) Watford Junction (and as from November for a month or so Richmond).

Saturday, 18 October 2008

New Central Line platform at Stratford

Stratford (Central)
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Work on the new platform is progressing well with this view on saturday. The new plaform will make it easier for the crowds from the Olympic park to get into Central london via the Tube that much quicker with dual sided platform.

Other images here


Hammersmith & City

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Well not Shepherd's Bush Market has been renamed and Wood Lane opened at last its time for the Hammersmith & City Line to change its line diagram.

This picture is the new diagram I spotted today. problem is there's two errors with it. (Should we be surprised?)

First Wood Lane is a step free station (, yes Im aware that the lifts currently don't work as evidenced by the amount of lift engineers around on friday. But the system map shoulds it as step free so the line diagram should do.) Second is the fact that the Central Line diagram shows White City as 250m interchange with Wood Lane so why doesn't Wood Lane do the same back then?

Or maybe we are going to get another verison of the map soon then once the lifts are fixed?

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Deptford Bridge

Deptford Bridge
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An image from 12th October of the work at Deptford Bridge on making the eight year old station ready for three car trains come 2010.

Friday, 10 October 2008

ELLX Delays Update

Overground have got back to me over the map and said the following:

"Dear Mackenzie,

Thank you for your email regarding the opening times of the East London Line extension.

I can confirm the line from Shoreditch High Street to Dalston Junction is due to open in June 2010. The line from Dalston Junction to Highbury & Islington is scheduled to be open from February 2011.

I have attached an image of a map which confirms what I have just advised.

I hope this information proves useful. If you should have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

External Communications Executive"

Well this is good news then and just means someone in the maps department screwed up royally or they are hiding it (doubt full).

ELLX Delays?

Overground Map
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I got the new copy of Rail today and inside it is the TfL "London Rail delivering for the capital" free booklet. It talks about the new 378s, DLR trains and some of the future plans.

What I found most interesting is what it said in a new map of the planned network. As we all know the East london Line (ELL) is to re-open in 2010 all the way to Dalston Junction. When it does the line which serve West Croydon and Crystal Palace as well. Well that was the plan. With the link between Dalston and Highbury & Islington opening in 2011.

Heres a map Tfl have produced in 2007.


Now what turned up in this booklet is that the line from Shoreditch High Street south opens as the East London Railway (ELR) in 2010. the big change is that the link bewteen Shoreditch High Street and Dalston junction is now delayed and wont be open until the 2011 along with the link from Dalston to Highbury & Islington.

According to the TfL website page (http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/projectsandschemes/2105.aspx) the following is still the case.

"By June 2010, the line will run from Dalston Junction in the north to New Cross, Crystal Palace and West Croydon in the south. By February 2011 we will have extended it to Highbury & Islington."

I have emailed TfL Overground today asking what the offical position is as it could be an error on the map (Dalston Junction is missing its wheelchair circle and Imperial Wharf isn't located on the Overground line but in the Thames!). Hopefully I will be able to update this soon.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

New Central Line maps

New Central Line maps
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So after the big shouting that you CANT interchange at Bank, TfL have finally admitted you can but now warn you with a red box that you should avoid it!

New Central Line maps

New Central Line maps
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They have now put up new car maps on the central Line and here's a quick image of the changes at the western end.

Basically White City is now a 250m Interchange with Hammersmith & City Line at Wood Lane (tho that station isn't open yet). Shepherd's Bush gets an 100m interchange with Overground and Southern services with both stations opened there.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

New Tube Map

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Well there is a new Tube map for October 2008 with the following changes

*WLL redirected around shepherd's Bush

*Interchange between White City (Central) & Wood Lane (H&C) of 250m

*Shepherd's Bush (Central) and Overground of 100m

*Blackfriars red text "Undgerground station closed March 2009 until late 2011"

*Local Bus service shown (381/N381) from Bermondsey, calling at Rotherhithe, Canada Water and terimating (on the map) at Surrey Quays

Not sure about this one

*ELW is one straight line from Shoreditch to Wapping with red text around Shoreditch "Limited service. Check pubilcity for information"

For more images from a Central London verison of the map follow this link


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Woolwich Arsenal gets closer

The DLR is now testing trains in the tunnels between King George V and Woolwich Arsenal. I managed to get a picture of the train behind the barrier brief when I was getting on the train. Hopefully this is a good sign!

The extension isn't due to open till feb 2009. This means that if things are going well, we will soon see empty trains heading south from here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Blackfriars closure

TfL annonced yesterday that Blackfriars station is going to close from march 2009 for two years until 2011. The main reason is they are basically rebuilding the station to go from a capacity of 4,500 to 12,000 an hour. This is a huge shift and requires a major rebuild as part of the Thameslink programme. The cost of all this rebuilding is £350m (small figures for a £5.5bn uprade of Thameslink and connecting parts). As part of this the Tube platforms on the Circle and District Lines will be close as work goes on. When it reopens in 2011 the station will be fully step free, bigger ticket hall and refurished platforms. The main line station is also getting a new entrance on the South Bank.

One thing that got me is the Evening Standard. They complain about the closure then go on to say they have been campaigning about "chronic overcrowding". How the hell can they safely rebuild without closing it especially as they are removing the eight story building above?

Well hopefully we can all enjoy the new station in a few years. One thinkg tho are they really planning on running Thameslink in 2011 with slam door Connex branded trains?

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tube News

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I recently got my hands on a pack from London Underground talking about upgrading the Tube.

Couple of things stuck out incuding new Tube stocks. After the Victoria starts getting the 09TS from next year (Jan) and the Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Circle and District with the S stock from 2010-18. The new Piccadilly line stock is due to be fully running by 2014 meaning that the new trains will work with the new signalling. This will be the same technology that they are having issues installing on the Jubilee (then Northern). This will mean that in six years time the Piccadilly will have a 25% increase in capacity and 19% reduction in travelling times. The stock is already being rumoured to be called the 13TS. The Bakerloo on the other hand is just getting new trains around 2020 according to the leaflet tho word is that the new stock will be called the 18TS. This will help shorten jounery times by 2 minutes and capacity increase of 40% in the peak. What will be interesting will be will Bakerloo be going to Watford Junction at this point or not?

There is more on step free with 17 stations to made step free in the next two years.

*Acton Town
*Golders Green
*High Barnet
*Kings Cross St. Pancras (Northern, Piccadilly & Victoria lines)
*Ladbroke Grove
*Newbury Park
*Roding Valley
*West Kensington
*Wood Lane (Even tho its a new build so doesn't count)

Archway is due to have two 16 passenger lift by 2012. Finsbury Park is having more work including step free access by 2013. Green Park is getting step free and ventilation improvements by 2012. LU is going to work with Westminster City Council and the Royal Parks for street level improvements.

As for the Olympics the following works are going to be put in place

*£10.5m for West Ham District line platforms to cope with the crowds. The ODA is paying for this and its estimated that 13% of the total Olympic Park traffic will go to West Ham (17% if rail traffic for the games).

*As for Stratford, major works are now in hand inculding the new taxi is almost finished with the exception of removing the lampost from what is going to be the road surface. Inside parts of the station are now horded off to enable subway extension works. The new central Line platform seems to have been left for awhile now but there is the beginings of the the foundations now for all to see.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Crossrail Update

Here's an update from Crossrail confirming what I had already guessed. West Ham reversing siding is to be used to replace Whitechapel as a reversing station.

Here is the email confirming this

Thank you for your enquiry dated 27th July 2008 to the Crossrail Helpdesk.

In regards to your enquiry concerning West Ham please find a response below.

Purpose of the West Ham Reversing Sidings

The Crossrail ticket hall is to be built above the District Line and Hammersmith & City Line (H/C) platforms. The construction of an interchange to serve Crossrail, the District and H/C lines as well as the East London line will require the District and H/C track layout to be simplified to just two through tracks. This is to create sufficient space to widen platforms to accommodate new entrance and interchange stairs and escalators. Before this can be achieved, alternative train reversing facilities for the District and H/C line need to be constructed, London Underground have identified that this can be achieved within existing railway land on the District and H/C lines between West ham and Plaistow Stations, this will allow trains to reverse in both directions.

This really means that Whitechapel station in a few years isn't going to look anything like what we are used to now. The fact is Whitechapel will end up a closed in station on four levels (booking hall, District/Hammersmith & City Line, East London Railway (Overground) and finally Crossrail). I'm also guessing the tracks will change on the eastern side to enable easier access to the southbound Overground platforms with longer platformed access over the tracks. One thing tho is that using a siding to reverse will create a longer turn around with LU's tipping out procudres. This means the train has to be checked as empty at West Ham before it can go into the siding, driver change ends and come back into the west bound platform. Currently at Whitechapel the train pulls into the platform and the driver changes ends. Simple, especially if there is service problems. Well my view anyway.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Crossrail Update

I recently got to go to the Tottenham Court Road upgrade exhibition and found a lot of new information while talking to the Crossrail people there.

With Whitechapel under going major rebuilding the middle tracks are going to be lifted and the two island platforms made into one big one with escalators (although seems it might two side platforms with the trains running on the middle on the Crossrail document). This means that London Underground will no longer be able to reverse trains here. Currently the Hammersmith & City line trains from the west terimate here off peak and trains headed east terimate here when there engineering work on either side of the Circle. With this loss Crossrail is going to be creating a new reversing siding between West Ham and Plaistow. This will mean passengers get to use the Jubilee, DLR and c2c services creating better alternate routes.

The second change to the proposal is the change at Heathrow. It was talked about last year with Crossrail taking over Heathrow Express (HEX) services to and from the airport to Paddington. What it now seems is these talks failed and Crossrail will take over the Heathrow Connect services in and out of Terminal 4. This leaves Terminal 5 with HEx (and maybe Airtrack) express service to Paddington where BAA will get the most money.

It also seems Clapton station (yes its some distance from Crossrail) will be used as the testing ground for Crossrail. No word on what that actually mean yet.

The new Crossrail Briefing they gave out dated July 2008 is a basic leaflet explaining Crossrail. What I noticed is the Network SouthEast logo on the clock. They logo just keeps going.

More updates soon.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Tower Gateway closes

Tower Gateway (DLR)
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As of last week the orignal city termius of the DLR closed for rebuilding as part of the three car project. I got to go and take some picture of the station before they closed it. ads you can see from this picture there is an island platform with two tracks either side. From next year it will be the other way around with a platofrom either side of a single track. This way there will be a departure and arrivals helping keep passanger flows seperate as this is only a small station.

For more images of the station go here

Friday, 13 June 2008

London Overground Works

It been reported in the Construction News (12th June issue) some information over the final stages of phase one of the East London Railway (the old East London Tube Line). The £6.5m Dalston Curve job is up fro grabs for firms with dedicated tracks as well all know. What's new from the article is they plan to put tracks from the Whitechapel to Cannonbury, Highbury & Islington, but keep them going to have reversing platforms at Camden Road. I think this is a mistake as there is no mention of Caledonian Road & Barnsbury. so does this mean services from south of Whitechapel are going to be extended to Caledonian Road & Barnsbury or is the plan to run empty to there from Highbury? I think is another mini extension of the Overground that TfL isn't talking about. The south end at Croydon is going past the published terminus of East Croydon, with two services terminating there an hour with a further two terminating new platforms at South Croydon. More on that when I find out.

Also mentioned is the £100m four tracking of the North London Line from Stratford to Gospel Oak. Now this is interesting as they mention the line is at capacity now on the 11 station section and works include platform lengthening and loops. Funded by DfT, the idea is to run longer trains, which is likely to be the 4 car Electrostars already ordered by TfL. This mean that freight as well as Overground trains will be running on the line. I have a feeling this will also tie into the mega Thames Port development at Thurrock providing a decent rail link for cargo. Just where it will go after Gospel Oak is questionable though.

LUL has also to do some further work on the four more station though which ones aren't mentioned. Basically the work is on CCTV and basic structure work to bring it up to the standards expected by a London Underground stations, good news for the regular user of the line!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Tube Alternations 6th June 2008

The picture on the side shows the level of problems that commuters faced this morning and still are facing today. The discovery of an unexploded bomb on monday caused service suspension of District, Hammersmith & City and c2c mainline services. Then yesterday during work to disarm the bomb it seem the bomb started ticking and oozing liquid. Not a good sign. The Army then requested the shut down of the local transport link within the damage range of this device. At the moment there is no expected re-opening other than 10am this morning so it could go on for awhile.

West Ham must be having its quietist day seen the opening of the JLE with only the two Jubilee line platforms out of the 8 platforms the station has.

The c2c services have been diverted at Barking onto the Goblin line for the link to Stratford and then onwards towards Liverpool Street. This is of course causing some minor issues for the normal services in and out of Liverpool Street with the extra services.

The Hammersmith & City is completely suspended at Whitechapel. The District does managed to go as far as Bromley-By-Bow. The main eastern end is Barking to Upminster. There is a limited Plaistow to Barking service but this is due to lack of reversible places as Plaistow is set up to reverse trains back towards Central London and only big enough for a C stock train.

More updates when I hear more.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Bridge GE19

London Overground logo
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Yesterday doing something completely unrelated I was told a reason for the problems with the GE19 last week. It seems that it wasn't in its final resting place when the vibrations from plant (heavy machines used to build with) and trains have cause the bridge to slip and therefore create the events we saw last week.

So it seems that there has been a clear failing of the contractor at this point (I'm not sure which one has the responsibility for GE19) to not secure the bridge correctly and failure to plan for something that is expected (i.e. vibrations from a busy area).

Hopefully they can put this behind them and get on with building the ELR which before now was making great progress. I'm sure TfL and NR are working to check all the bridges now before they can work on them again. As for the cost, someone has mentioned a figure (£16M, a big mistake if its true) but who knows?

Monday, 2 June 2008

Stratford International DLR Extension update

West Ham (DLR)
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Small update here on the new DLR extension. I have some images of work in my flickr, click here to go to the folder.

West Ham -

The paving stones of the platform edge have been removed as have the track going through the station area. The track is still down north and south of the station.

Canning Town -

Paving stones here have been removed along with the track as well. The reversing track south of the station has been removed although it might be something to do with the 3 car project.

Circle Line Party

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Seems what could have been a way for people to get to know each other in friendly sprit has been wrecked by the idiots again. What's worse is that several Underground workers have been hurt which is never acceptable.

Seems the run up to the party the local free rags decided to announce the party including one well know paper running it a a headline. Bet that didn't help.

Hopefully now the booze ban will help keep the staff across the transport network safer as most sensible people leave the booze at home and enjoy their nights out. Well we can live in hope.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tube changes

Tube changes
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Here's one of my maps that I recently did showing two of the changes to the Tube network that in official plans. The Bakerloo re-extension back to Watford junction and the Circle Line being turned into a "T-cup" services, Basically it runs from hammersmith to Edgware Road via Wood Lane, Paddington, King's Cross, Victoria and the back to Edgware Road agin. This has a few issues including no direct train from the west side of the Circle to stations east of Edgware Road (I.E. Baker Street) But it will help keep the Circle Line more robust in times of service problems as well as doubling the frequency of the Hammersmith branch. Oh and if your wondering why the map looks so weird its because its the Tube network not the TfL transport network (what is currently on the Tube map).

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Wood Lane (Hammersmith & City)

Here's a picture of the new Wood Lane station thats due to be open later this year as part of the White City development. Just 200m away from White City station on the Central line. The idea is this will be the main SSL station access to the development. The line is expected to be doubled in terms of trains by adding the Circle line to the route to Hammersmith (, although it seems this might not happen now). Its also rumored that this station will see the S stock shortly as early as next year. Time will tell but its always good to see more development on the Tube.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Metronet News

It's been announced today that as of tuesday 27th May 2008 Metronet will officially be out of administration and be put into the hands of two new companies under TfL control. This is a positive move after last years events and will hopefully see the Tube upgrade progress ahead with out further delay which all Londoners want. Just so we know the two company names of the new TfL Tube maintenance are LUL Nominee BCV Limited and LUL Nominee SSL Limited, they will be still trading as Metronet Rail BCV and Metronet Rail SSL

For press release see

Monday, 21 April 2008

T5, what a mistake.

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Well here is one of my two T5 images that I managed to take. What I can't believe is the level of security surrounding the station. During me taking this picture I was spotted by security and screamed at to not take pictures. Now as a brand new terminal that they plastered all across the papers this level of what my friend (an LU employee) called a "Nazi state". here isn't any sign either to say don't take pictures. I was going to take a look around T5 and take some pictures but after that neither of us where in the mood to stay.

Keeping going BA/BAA, shot your self's in your respective feet again and lose any help in the future. Idiots.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

DLR Stratford International

And so it begins. Work has physically started on the DLR extension to Stratford International this week. there has been some work in recent weeks including putting turnstiles into the fence between the track and pavement/road. this is for worker access.

The extension from Canning Town to Stratford International is going to be the mass transit system nearest to the Olympics in 2012 as well as serving the international station there. In true DLR style most of the route is using old trackbed, this time part of the North London Line, which in turn shut once the City Airport DLR extension opened a few years ago. From the mega junction south of Canning Town trains from both Woolwich Arsenal and Beckton (and in 2017 Dagenham Dock) which branch off into different platforms at Canning Town. 

Canning Town will be an interchange point for the DLR, but unlike other DLR station, passengers from the Bank/Tower Gateway direction will require some time as you have to go down to the Jubilee Line platform level, down to basement/ticket office level, walk around and then go back up to the Stratford International platforms. I can see this creating alot of problems especially for tourists (ie from City Airport or even changing from the Jubilee Line as DLR will be both upstairs and downstairs).

Im curious what they are going to do at West Ham as there isn't much space to put the lift in as the station end of the platform (which are narrow to start with) go straight into steps to the bridge over the road (I think this might be the only part of the JLE that isn't wheelchair friendly). Time will tell. 

Around Star Lane station the road is already closed and they have begun to take apart the road barriers. This is because they are actually moving the road at this point to provide space for the DLR platforms. They had the toilets there by thursday so it seems this is going to be a major point for the workforce. I hope to get some pictures soon. 

So the extension is due for opening some point in 2010, once open the whole DLR system will spend about two years without a single change. Hopefully all the new train will also be running by this point. Then once the Olympics are over is back to building new bit for the DLR starting with Dagenham Dock. 

Friday, 11 April 2008

DLR - Western Leg

I occurred to me that the western leg of the DLR (that's Bank/Tower Gateway to Poplar) is going to be crippled this summer. Lets start with Shadwell which lost its East London Line connection and now has replacement bus services, hardly great for mass numbers. Next is Tower Gateway which closes shortly for a year, so they lose connection to Circle and District lines. Now we find that Bank/Monument is also being no interchange till august. So basically west from Limehouse the ONLY interchange the DLR has is with the Northern at Bank officially. Cue a summer of chaos on the DLR. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

B.2007 Stock

As I've been going past Beckton depot alot lately I can say there is now 4 units of the new B.2007 DLR stock. 

Sorry for the short post but its been a busy week for me!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Jubilee Line......

Well seems the Jubilee had a really bad day. In the same week the Wharf published a front page story on how last week was the worst week on the Jubilee since the JLE opened back in 1999. Now it seems this week really has got worse with a complete rush hour closure of the line.

From what I can tell there was a power failure at Neasden control tower which killed the radio over the entire line (explaining the two different reasons given for the shut down). as I type this at 23:45 the line still isn't working between Finchley Road and Stratford. Ie the busy tunnel section. Not good when this happened somewhere before 6pm. 

I myself managed to get caught up in all this when coming from Beckton to Stratford this evening. The DLR staff where on the ball announcing it quickly on the trains. So I had a trek to Poplar tonight and then had to fight to get onto a DLR to Stratford which was packed the whole way. Lets only hope tomorrow goes better for the line!

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Yes this is a long post but I've wanted to blog about this for weeks but fear of jinxing myself meant that I wouldn't do it just incase. Now Ive done this stage I feel that it is time to blog it.

Well it happened so I can finally talk about my Jinx. Its abit plain and boring once you actually find out what it is but hey every little bit helps. Basically awhile back I applied to be a Tube Train Driver or Train Op as they call it. I got the phone interview on the 3rd March. I did stressed abit as I was told that the interview should last for 20-25mins. The total length was less than 12mins. Thinking Id blown it I waited and waited to hear back. In the end I had to ring them up for the details. They sent the email out within a few hours and it was good news, I passed. Now I had to choose an "assestment" date. This is basically a 2.5hrs in Ashfield House in West London sitting down doing tests. So I arranged my assestment and started looking at the guidance and practice materials. Even when I was away on my residental I took the practice stuff and read through them a few times at night to help me get the hang of it. Not that I really needed to as I got the general idea straight away when I got them. Having a mate print them off for me and then handing em over to me on the Tube, then watching me do them without alot of stress showed that. The saturday before my assestment I got a call which I missed from an unknown number. Turns out (I found out the sunday) that they had rung me up to comfirm I was attending and that I had all the paperwork as I was told I couldn't sit it without the paperwork. As I was in the process of moving I couldn't find my birth cerificate so I had to cancel the day before my assetment. Cue a mad rush to try and get a new birth certificate before I can re-book my assestment. Turns out I had it all along so book a new date and keep reading my materials.

The day finally arrived for my assestment. Didn't get much sleep before hand combined with a late night and early get up meant I had about 3hrs restless sleep. I also had to wear a shirt and tie for the first time since jan 2005 and I hate ties, especially when I have to do the top button up! Cue me at Stratford station at 7am, 90mins before Im due there. Luckly one of my housemates works in Hammersmith so I dont make the journey on my own. The whole time we're chatting about stuff and how I feeling. Then we arrive at West Kensington and I get off and feel very panicky. Got some water and walked down to the start of the road leading up, its only 8.05am. Damm. So after killing 10mins and likely looking very dodgy, I set off to the building. Now for those of you that have seen "The Tube", Ashfield House is where they did the track walking stuff (and actually people were going for one as I left!). I went in the building and waiting for security to give me a pass. The werid thing is that they take a picture and print your guest pass out with your nice pretty picture on it. I have got a picture but Im not going to show it as I don't wanta annoy TfL, especially at this point. So I get my pass and am told to go to the 7th floor. Now this is where I made a boo boo. I got in the lift with one of the guys who was doing the assestments and actually asked how you put the passes on. yes I know now how stupid that was but I was trying to move the wrong part. Maybe I was nervous but boy did I look and feel stupid when he barely touched it and open it. (That point I really felt stressed and out of my depth.) So once on the 7th floor I get to the room and get about 12 people looking at me as I enter and sit down. I also realise that I must be at least 10yrs younger than everyone else. In the end we are called for to produce our evidence by a really nice lady, sorry I didnt catch your name (too nervous) but thank you as you made me relax abit and got me smiling. As we were doing this a large group of people entered and filled the place up. I realised then that there must have been 40 of us doing this assestment in one go. Now seeing as they run 3 time slots thats maybe 120 people a day for 3-4 weeks. Thats maybe 800 people in a month, maybe more or less. Thats a hell of alot of people! Then the ones who had done there paperwork were called into a room for our test to start, 21 of us. Me still being the youngest. We were talking to a room that can only remind me of my G.C.S.E.'s. A small desk, chair, two pencils, one brio (red) and a rubber. This was now going to be home for the next two hours. Shit. I hate exams.

The exams are spilt up into three groups. The first is reading and understanding infomation from passages. Second is problem solving/fault finding. Then its a repeat of the first again but long and more complex. The last part of the exam is what they call SCAAT testing and is bloody hard! For anyone whose never do SCAAT, its basically a page of smallest shapes and you have to look for shapes in it. It does get more complex but its all about time as you aren't giving long before you have to change. Now I haven't gone into detail on this part as people are still being testing and Im only talking about the same stuff as my pack that I was sent as meantion above.

After the exam we are let out and I breath a sigh of relief as it wasn't easy and Ive had to push myself during the whole thing. I also got put off by one of the practice questions in the 3rd part and struggled to work through the rest of the test. I finally got through and completed the round shortly before time was up. On the whole it was a stressful experience but I feel I did well with it, now Ive jinxed myself! We were told at the end that normally we'd heard back in 5 days due due to numbers we likely have to wait two weeks before hearing anything but afther this point we should ring up to check whats going on. That means that by the 9th of April I should have heard something. The clocks started ticking again! But Im living in hope!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

DLR Closures

Well I have recently come across some closure information for the DLR. Basically theres alot of work being done over the next few years to provide 3 car trains as well as too extensions and some capatity works. In 2007 there were 2 weekend closures, this year there is 24 and a futher 16 in 2009. There is also some major station closures -

Tower Gateway closed June 2008 until Aprill 2009.

Bank closed Christmas 2009- Christmas 2010.

The Tower Gateway closure is more a pain for the DLR users but closing Bank station for an entire year is going to cause chaos. The DLR will lose its major interchange station with the Tube network. I can only hope that the newly rebuilt Gateway station can cope with the extra pressure on it, but the Jubilee will be alot busier as a result.

We should also hear from the DLR over Dagenham Dock extension as the TWA act to start is due to be placed this month. Hopefully I can follow this up soon. Just to remind of the time scale this extension is due to open late 2017.

Stations getting a rebuild include Poplar, Limehouse, West India Quays and South Quays. Tho the latter two are for the 3 car project.

Oh the DLR will be creating its own Platform for Art program.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Stratford Station - Update

Mini update on Stratford station works. The posters on the Jubilee concourse have been removed and show the foundation for the new Central line platform. One thing that comes to mind is how wide the space for the new platform is going to be. The concrete stairs over the NLL platforms has been destoryed with the top part now being under the steel of the new platform. Outside the old railway engine has gone on his holidays for a few years as they ramp up major work on the station.

Just to remind people the works include a new northern ticket hall, new gateline on the east side of the Jubilee concourse linking to the new footbridge into the shopping center. This is as well as a new Central line west bound platform (Central London) and the re-opening of the 1940's station entrance to provide better access. The new NLL platforms will also be build to the north of the station as well.

Monday, 10 March 2008

March 2008 Tube Map

Another month and another Tube map from TfL. Seems like they like to print these maps off like mad. The basic changes are

Victoria Line closure boxes are changed to enclude more detail so anyone getting these maps knows the Victoria Line closes 10pm monday-friday night untill november 2008.

Terminal 5 on the Piccadilly line is now a full line and no longer under construction. Red text states opens 27 March 2008.

East London Line replacement bus service ELP is removed and replaced with a white outline (just like National Rail services used to be done) with the number 381. This is due to the replacement bus service being dropped as I have reported before.

Basically the rest is the same as February's map and contains the same mistakes in a few places as the November 2007 map in reguards to the LO lines. Hopefully when the scanner gets fixed I can show off the maps rather than just write about them.

On a final note theres no more posts now until next weekend as Im away! Can't wait!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Wrong Stick?

I wonder what happened here?

Seems as a
promotional event they got one of the new Javelin trains into Stratford Market Depot on London Underground's Jubilee Line. As you can see from the two pictures they managed to fit a bus in there as well. The depot is LU's newest on the eastern end of the Jubilee and on the edge of the Olympic site.

All good and well now as a
promotional event for the 2012 London Olympics but these pictures show a white Javelin with a tellow nose rather than bule with a yellow nose. Does this mean that SouthEastern is repainting all these new trains once they have finished testing them? Why didnt they just have them painted when they were making them?

Just incase you don't what the Javelin's are all about they are the the new high speed trains. Basically the only way they could get Kent's councils to drop any challenge to building the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) or HS1 as it now known was to promise to provide high speed trains from Kent towns to Central London using new trains with a maxiuium speed on HS1 of 140MPH. Quite an improvement for some people, I.E. Ashford will drop from 83mins to 37mins, Some towns will only get minor gains like Chatham goes from 47mins to 43mins. But with connections to Stratford and St Pancras International means the Kent traveller willing to pay extra for this service will have great onwards connections. For me it means I can visit my mums in about an hour with one train compared to two Tube trains and one train for about 2hrs 30mins. Quite a saving for the extra 30% they will be charging. But we have to wait till decenber 2009 before these trains will run. This is partly because Stratford International isn't safe to let passengers use as its currently in the middle of the Olympic building site construction. This won't be helped when it opens in december 2009 as it still won't have an links to anywhere really. The DLR extension isn't supposed to open to mid 2010. I can see it now, people walking the half mile as the nice new shiny DLR train run in test mode empty. Or will the DLR work its magic and have the extension finished ahead of time again?

Sunday, 2 March 2008

TfL Engineering work on the 2nd March 2008

2nd March 2008
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Bakerloo Line/London Overground
No service between Stonebridge Park and Harrow & Wealdstone due to Network Rail engineering works. No service on London Overground between Wembley Central and Watford Junction

Central Line
Shepherd's Bush station closed untill November 2008

Circle Line
Suspended all day with no replacement bus service operating.

District Line
No service between Earl's Court and Whitechapel. The is a limited lare night bus operating between South Kensington and Aldgate East, see stations for details

Hammersmith & City Line
Enhanced service all weekend on the whole time

Northern Line
No service between Camden Town and Kensington via Moorgate and Bank. No replacement bus service

Piccadilly Line
Southgate station closed for refurishment

Victoria Line
Northbound services not calling at Euston

No service fro Bank/Tower Gateway to Poplar/Canary Wharf. Also no service from Stratford to Canary Whaft. Replacement buses operating

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Which way?

This is a sight quite a few people travelling around Stratford have seen, especially on sundays. Im still not 100% which way the Central line replacement buses go towards Liverpool Street but this sign is shortly before Angel Lane (so takes you Leyton station direction).

The Central Line is off around here (between Liverpool Street and Leytonstone) because of platofrm works at Stratford. New platform is going to be connected to the Jubilee building and provide two platforms to wait for your Central London train.

The Jubilee Line has been off due to testing from Stratford depot to North Greenwich of the new signalling system due to be in daily operation in 2009. The same system is due to be operation on the Northern in 2011 and the Piccadilly 2014 (from Tubelines).

The DLR is off due to 3 car work on the route to let the extended trains run as part of the improvement project. This is going to continue untill 2010 if all goes to plan (as is typical with the DLR).

One line that isn't on here is the London Overground (North London Line) between Stratford and Hackney Wick. Im not 100% sure but it could be connected to the works for the Olympic site with the new Overground Platforms as well as the new DLR track through the area.

TfL engineering work on 1st March 2008

1st March 2008
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TfL engineering work on 1st March 2008.

Central Line
Shepherd's Bush station closed untill November 2008

Circle Line
Suspended all weekend due to engineering work

District Line
No service beween Earl's Court and Aldgate East

Jubilee Line
Suspended between North Greenwich and Stratford for signalling work

Northern Line
Suspended between Camden Town and Kennington Via Bank.
Highgate station closed.

Piccadilly Line
Southgate station closed.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

New DLR trains update

Here it is the latest DLR car. The new B.2007 stock is due to be in service to all be in service by 2009. Hopefully soon will have them main line testing and I'll be able to bring some more photos to your attension. The new cars aren't compatable with the current stock so we won't see into running with the current stock but they will be forming three car trains once the trackwork is completed. The main focus of this is three car trains between Lewisham and Bank. They will also assist in the new Woolwich extension which opens next spring. This batch is of 55 cars with more due for the openning of the Stratford International link, thats due to open some time in 2010. Meanwhile enjoy this pic.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

East London Line Buses Update

It now seems that there has been a change to the East London Line Replacement Bus Service, tho not as big as I thought. Basically Rotherhithe is to lose its special bus service (basically its pointless). However the other three are staying for the moment. Least it will help tidy the map at bit. Tho Im wondering if the March 08 map is already in print, if so they might have to do a new April map to show this (, as a pointer, the zone change to 7-9 instead of A-D still havent been replaced on the Metropolitan's A stock. In fact there still trains showing the line before they introduced A-D a few years ago!). Time will tell tho.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


With BAA looking forward to openning T5 next month, I thought it time to look at the £400m Airtrack scheme. The Airtrack scheme is a heavy rail link from Heathrow T5 on the western side. The idea would be to link T5 to Staines then onwards to Waterloo in the east or Reading & Guildford in the west. They have already built two platforms at T5 for the exclusive use by Airtrack. £5m of funding has been raised for the Transport & Works Act. Most of the scheme uses existing railways up to Staines, where remodelling of the station will be needed for the service. Once north of Staines the Airtrack will branch off to run along with the M25. It then goes underground and turns east to meet the T5 station. Currently the aim is that services will start in 2013. BAA have a good history as T5 came in under budget and was finished before the deadline, so maybe we'll get to see this service soon (unlike Crossrail and Hackney & Chelsea lines which have taken decades). There is also long term plans for Airtrack from TfL as they are looking at extending Crossrail Line 1 from Heathrow along Airtrack. What is curious is that Reading is one of the terminal points for Airtrack and it still possible for Crossrail. It could provide Crossrail with a secondly route from Reading into Central London via Heathrow providing a useful link as well as free space up for Waterloo. Note as well that Tfl and BAA are in talks as Heathrow Connect service is likely to be eaten up by Crossrail, keeping Heathrow Express as a seprate product with premium fares to match this. Clapham Junction is also a possible link for Hackney & Chelsea line (aka Crossrail 2) so it could be routed to servce Heathrow from Clapham then onwards to North East London. With a link to the Lea Valley lines Crossrail 2 could run from Heathrow to Stansted via Central London, filling the role of national links instead of using planes for local travel. I won't mention Crossrail 3 (rumoured to be Waterloo to Euston). Fanasty maybe, with with the development of Crossrail, Thameslink and now Airtrack, you never quite know where we are going but this is one way to provide additional travel opitions on new lines. Bit like what the Underground did in the early 20th century. The 21st is to take regional lines to nice big tunnels with the ability to cope with future growth.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

No East London Line replacement buses?

ELL/ELR February 2008
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There's a rumour going around that TfL are going to be dropping the East London Line replacement buses from this saturday. Its been said that the load figures are as low as 200 people a day. Not bad for a lowly used Tube's replacement service that actually doesn't do much. Many its a case of people using local buses rather than taking the alternate buses to link to Tube? Althoug it doesn't show it on the Tube map but Elverson Road (DLR) is walkable from New Cross (and New Cross Gate is a short walk from New Cross Gate). Surrey Quays is the other side of the shopping center from Canada Water. That basically takes care of the need for the ELC bus with people wanting to go into London use National Rail services from New Cross/New Cross Gate, Jubilee from Surrey Quays. Whitechapel, Shadwell & Canada Water are Tube stations so no replacement needed there. That leaves Rotherhithe & Wapping without a link. Rotherhithe has the 381 which links it to Canada Water and Bermondsey Tube stations and is a disable access bus with frequent services. Wapping has the frequent disable acess 100 bus connectioning it to Tower Hill/Gateway, Aldgate and St Paul's among many places. So basically there is no need for these replacement bus services really. But only time will tell.

Kids Mega Map

Here is what the Transport Museum did for half term, a hand drawn by kids mega Tube map. There are more photots in there Flickr page, just click on picture to see how they did it. Quite a nice nice tho for the kids to feel like they've actually achieved something. Jus a shame it didnt work out quite right in this picture.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

TfL engineering work on 24th February 2008

24th February 2008
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TfL engineering work on 24th February 2008.

Central Line
Shepherd's Bush station closed untill November 2008

District Line
No service beween Plaistow and Barking. Replacement buses calling at Plaistow, Upton Park, East Ham and Barking.

Hammersmith & City Line
No service from Whitechapel to Barking.

Metropolitan Line
Services north of Moor Park to Amersham/Chesham are suspended with a replacement bus services calling at Croxley, Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Chalfont & Latimer, Amersham and Chesham.

Northern Line
Highgate station closed.

Piccadilly Line
Southgate station closed.

Victoria Line
Complete line closure due to upgrades works. Two replacement operate. The north one operates from Finsbury Park to Manor park, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale, Blackhorse Road and Walthamstow Central. The south bus services runs between Victoria to Pimlico, Vauxhall, Stockwell and Brixton. No replacement between Finsbury Park and Victoria, use alternate Underground services.

Docklands Light Railway
No service from Bank/Tower Gateway to Poplar. Also no service Canary Wharf to Stratford via Poplar. Replacement buses running calling at all stations.

TfL engineering work on 23rd February 2008

23rd February 2008
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TfL engineering work on saturday 23rd February 2008.

Central Line
Shepherd's Bush station closed untill November 2008

District Line
No service beween Plaistow and Barking. Replacement buses calling at Plaistow, Upton Park, East Ham and Barking.

Hammersmith & City Line
No service from Whitechapel to Barking.

Metropolitan Line
Services north of Moor Park to Amersham/Chesham are suspended with a replacement bus services calling at Croxley, Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Chalfont & Latimer, Amersham and Chesham.

Northern Line
Highgate station closed.

Piccadilly Line
Southgate station closed.

Victoria Line
Complete line closure due to upgrades works. Two replacement operate. The north one operates from Finsbury Park to Manor park, Seven Sisters, Tottenham Hale, Blackhorse Road and Walthamstow Central. The south bus services runs between Victoria to Pimlico, Vauxhall, Stockwell and Brixton. No replacement between Finsbury Park and Victoria, use alternate Underground services.

Docklands Light Railway
No service from Bank/Tower Gateway to Poplar. Also no service Canary Wharf to Poplar. Replacement buses running calling at all stations.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

New DLR trains

It seems we finally have some pictures of the new DLR trains that will come into use sometime next year with the Woolwich extension, all thanks to London Connections Blog. The new B.2007 stock will help expand the DLR fleet to enable three car services. The first batch is for Woolwich Arsenal services that will start early next year. The second batch will be the 'Olympic' stock to work services out of the Stratford International extension. There are getting so many new trains that they build brand new sidings to the Beckton depot last year. When I was there they were nearly finished and this was back in august. Hopefully now they will start filling them!

The new cars are looking quite nice tho Im not sure if they are going to be keeping the doors like that, tho personally I prefer them like that. Sadly there is no offical images yet, I have already asked DLR for some but for some unknown reason they haven't taken any images yet. And this is two months after they recieved there first one. Looks like Ken's forgot for some reason as normally additional rolling stock requires some news coverage to make the people up high look good to the rest of us.

This is what I got last week from DLR press office -

Thank you for your enquiry. I am replying on behalf of mycolleague, David Sanders, who is on leave.I'm sorry but we do not have any photographs available at the moment. We hope to very shortly and will let you know.

Regards Allan Ramsay TfL Press Office

Hmmm shame David is DLR's only press office guy as he's actually a really nice guy! Hopefully be able to update when I get more news.


Well seems the London Lite today found a scoop on the Tube's DMI (destination boards with countdown times) and why there is a "mysterious difference between 'Tube time' and 'read time' ".

Now yes they arent based on how long before a train is going going to be at the platform but more how long it should take. What it fails to realise is that there is no way to really predict when the trains due. National rail time works the same way. After all it generally takes two minutes between Tube stop (very rule of thumb here). Now if your train is 3 stations away that leads to a 6mins time. Now it only takes an idiot holding the doors open at one of these station while hes mates jump on to delay the train. We've all seen it. Now how do you think that the boards on the platforms put info up? Crystal ball?

Common sense says it has to be a general X amount of time away but basic human interaction means that there is no way to to 100% right with this. The only time that LU can be sure when when its in the tunnel. So next time use your brain Lite.

End of the line......

The final unpainted train on the Tube at Ealing Broadway after its first leg.

I managed to join the train for a short while from West Ham to Ealing Broadway and back to West Ham. The front carriage was full of various staff members and forum members (such as myself) from the District Dave forum. It was nice to be part of the events as staff had made quite an effort to mark the event even if it wasn't 'offically' an event with signs all over the train and announcements all the time. I doubt most people on the train on their way home realised what was going on but a few did and thats a good thing. I've still got the feeling that in 50 years were going to see the reverse of this (after all Tube trains used to be painted!).

One car of the train was still in Ealing depot on monday afternoon waiting its trip up to Derby to be renewed and put in public service for a few years (till the S stock replace it within 10 years or so).
I will be putting more images up on my flickr when I get the chance this week and I will update when I get the chance. In the mean time here a couple of images taken off the cameraphone after the first leg.
As for any future site keep your eyes on the District Dave site, as this forum is not ony good for getting general & techincal Tube questions answered but also events. And I do recommend the site if your another Tube fan like myself.