Thursday, 3 April 2008

Jubilee Line......

Well seems the Jubilee had a really bad day. In the same week the Wharf published a front page story on how last week was the worst week on the Jubilee since the JLE opened back in 1999. Now it seems this week really has got worse with a complete rush hour closure of the line.

From what I can tell there was a power failure at Neasden control tower which killed the radio over the entire line (explaining the two different reasons given for the shut down). as I type this at 23:45 the line still isn't working between Finchley Road and Stratford. Ie the busy tunnel section. Not good when this happened somewhere before 6pm. 

I myself managed to get caught up in all this when coming from Beckton to Stratford this evening. The DLR staff where on the ball announcing it quickly on the trains. So I had a trek to Poplar tonight and then had to fight to get onto a DLR to Stratford which was packed the whole way. Lets only hope tomorrow goes better for the line!

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