Sunday, 23 March 2008

DLR Closures

Well I have recently come across some closure information for the DLR. Basically theres alot of work being done over the next few years to provide 3 car trains as well as too extensions and some capatity works. In 2007 there were 2 weekend closures, this year there is 24 and a futher 16 in 2009. There is also some major station closures -

Tower Gateway closed June 2008 until Aprill 2009.

Bank closed Christmas 2009- Christmas 2010.

The Tower Gateway closure is more a pain for the DLR users but closing Bank station for an entire year is going to cause chaos. The DLR will lose its major interchange station with the Tube network. I can only hope that the newly rebuilt Gateway station can cope with the extra pressure on it, but the Jubilee will be alot busier as a result.

We should also hear from the DLR over Dagenham Dock extension as the TWA act to start is due to be placed this month. Hopefully I can follow this up soon. Just to remind of the time scale this extension is due to open late 2017.

Stations getting a rebuild include Poplar, Limehouse, West India Quays and South Quays. Tho the latter two are for the 3 car project.

Oh the DLR will be creating its own Platform for Art program.

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Paul said...

Bank closed for a year? that's a bit much!