Tuesday, 19 February 2008

New DLR trains

It seems we finally have some pictures of the new DLR trains that will come into use sometime next year with the Woolwich extension, all thanks to London Connections Blog. The new B.2007 stock will help expand the DLR fleet to enable three car services. The first batch is for Woolwich Arsenal services that will start early next year. The second batch will be the 'Olympic' stock to work services out of the Stratford International extension. There are getting so many new trains that they build brand new sidings to the Beckton depot last year. When I was there they were nearly finished and this was back in august. Hopefully now they will start filling them!

The new cars are looking quite nice tho Im not sure if they are going to be keeping the doors like that, tho personally I prefer them like that. Sadly there is no offical images yet, I have already asked DLR for some but for some unknown reason they haven't taken any images yet. And this is two months after they recieved there first one. Looks like Ken's forgot for some reason as normally additional rolling stock requires some news coverage to make the people up high look good to the rest of us.

This is what I got last week from DLR press office -

Thank you for your enquiry. I am replying on behalf of mycolleague, David Sanders, who is on leave.I'm sorry but we do not have any photographs available at the moment. We hope to very shortly and will let you know.

Regards Allan Ramsay TfL Press Office

Hmmm shame David is DLR's only press office guy as he's actually a really nice guy! Hopefully be able to update when I get more news.

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