Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Tube News

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I recently got my hands on a pack from London Underground talking about upgrading the Tube.

Couple of things stuck out incuding new Tube stocks. After the Victoria starts getting the 09TS from next year (Jan) and the Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Circle and District with the S stock from 2010-18. The new Piccadilly line stock is due to be fully running by 2014 meaning that the new trains will work with the new signalling. This will be the same technology that they are having issues installing on the Jubilee (then Northern). This will mean that in six years time the Piccadilly will have a 25% increase in capacity and 19% reduction in travelling times. The stock is already being rumoured to be called the 13TS. The Bakerloo on the other hand is just getting new trains around 2020 according to the leaflet tho word is that the new stock will be called the 18TS. This will help shorten jounery times by 2 minutes and capacity increase of 40% in the peak. What will be interesting will be will Bakerloo be going to Watford Junction at this point or not?

There is more on step free with 17 stations to made step free in the next two years.

*Acton Town
*Golders Green
*High Barnet
*Kings Cross St. Pancras (Northern, Piccadilly & Victoria lines)
*Ladbroke Grove
*Newbury Park
*Roding Valley
*West Kensington
*Wood Lane (Even tho its a new build so doesn't count)

Archway is due to have two 16 passenger lift by 2012. Finsbury Park is having more work including step free access by 2013. Green Park is getting step free and ventilation improvements by 2012. LU is going to work with Westminster City Council and the Royal Parks for street level improvements.

As for the Olympics the following works are going to be put in place

*£10.5m for West Ham District line platforms to cope with the crowds. The ODA is paying for this and its estimated that 13% of the total Olympic Park traffic will go to West Ham (17% if rail traffic for the games).

*As for Stratford, major works are now in hand inculding the new taxi is almost finished with the exception of removing the lampost from what is going to be the road surface. Inside parts of the station are now horded off to enable subway extension works. The new central Line platform seems to have been left for awhile now but there is the beginings of the the foundations now for all to see.

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