Friday, 14 November 2008

Thameslink Programme

London Blackfriars (Thameslink)
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The first visible part of the Thameslink programme has begun with the start of demolishing of 179 Queen Street (it was an LU office building). This will allow for the new glass fronted station to be constructed. This also means that from March 2nd 2009 the Underground station closes to allow for rebuilding. When the station opens late 2011 both the platforms on the District/Circle lines will be refurished. The 3 terimating platforms currently on the east side of the station will also close on the 22nd March with currently terimating trains will continue through the Thameslink core to Kentish Town. The Thameslink station will be closed for 4 weeks next summer but the rest of the time will remain open.

For an image of the station when its finished click here

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