Monday, 10 March 2008

March 2008 Tube Map

Another month and another Tube map from TfL. Seems like they like to print these maps off like mad. The basic changes are

Victoria Line closure boxes are changed to enclude more detail so anyone getting these maps knows the Victoria Line closes 10pm monday-friday night untill november 2008.

Terminal 5 on the Piccadilly line is now a full line and no longer under construction. Red text states opens 27 March 2008.

East London Line replacement bus service ELP is removed and replaced with a white outline (just like National Rail services used to be done) with the number 381. This is due to the replacement bus service being dropped as I have reported before.

Basically the rest is the same as February's map and contains the same mistakes in a few places as the November 2007 map in reguards to the LO lines. Hopefully when the scanner gets fixed I can show off the maps rather than just write about them.

On a final note theres no more posts now until next weekend as Im away! Can't wait!

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