Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Thameslink Programme liveried 319

Thameslink Programme liveried 319
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Here's a picture of the newly liveried 319 365 to draw customer attension to the Thameslink Programme website. Hopefully it will get their attension and not make them switch off!

Currently the unit is tending to be one of the Wimbledon/Sutton loop to St Albans or Luton services.

For a look at FCC/DfT Thameslink Programme site go to www.thameslinkprogramme.co.uk

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Problems with the Thameslink 377s

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Its come to light that there is problems with the delivery of the 337/5's. Basically the economical downturn has affected Bombardier suppliers meaning that they can't supply all 23 units by March. Bombardier has announced today that it "aimed to supply" 15 units ready for the March 2009 deadline for the Moorgate TL branch and Blackfriars bay platform closures. First Capital Connect is in talks with the DfT to work out how to keep to the Thameslink Programme (TLP) timetable without this extra stock. This could impact the entire TLP futher delaying the start of major works. The original deadline for KO0 (Key Output Zero) was this month but had to be put back already. Hopefully FCC and DfT can work out some contingency plans to allow the TLP to start on time and finally deliver some much need relief for the long suffering passangers.

Friday, 19 December 2008

DLR Woolwich Arsenal Update

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Its been confirmed that the Woolwich Arsenal extension of the DLR is to open on the 10th January. It also seems this will be followed up on the 12th by the offical opening. More details when I get them.

Just to note that this is another completed DLR extension thats finished ahead of time and on budget! Success for the DLR once again!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Thameslink Programme (TLP) starts

Sorry for the delay folks, been busy working (and gathering information) in my new job hence the lack of posts.

Now back to business and the first physical signs of Thameslink Programme (TLP) have begun with the curtailing of services through the core. All southbound services will call into St Pancras International (high level) as of around 2230.

Last services through the core as follows

2154 to Bedford (semi fast)
2206 to Bedford - all stations

After this trains terimiate at London Bridge

As for northbound trains here are the last services from Blackfrairs.

2112 Blackfriars to Sevenoaks

Later services now run from Victoria every night until early morning.

2204 to Brighton via London Bridge
2216 to Sutton via Wimbledon

So basically from 2200 (10pm) until around 0430am you have to use Underground or rail replacement service. All FCC service tickets are vaild on the Underground but SouthEastern tickets aren't.

This all came around the same time as the december timetable change requiring re-timing of most services in the area (generally eariler). As work begins on the station building with the two new entrances at Blackfriars begun, the bridge works at Farringdon under way the Thameslink 2000 Programme is finally here!