Tuesday, 26 February 2008

New DLR trains update

Here it is the latest DLR car. The new B.2007 stock is due to be in service to all be in service by 2009. Hopefully soon will have them main line testing and I'll be able to bring some more photos to your attension. The new cars aren't compatable with the current stock so we won't see into running with the current stock but they will be forming three car trains once the trackwork is completed. The main focus of this is three car trains between Lewisham and Bank. They will also assist in the new Woolwich extension which opens next spring. This batch is of 55 cars with more due for the openning of the Stratford International link, thats due to open some time in 2010. Meanwhile enjoy this pic.

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THC said...

The best picture yet!

Nice blog MB, an interesting complement to the London Connections blog. Keep up the good work.