Tuesday, 19 February 2008

End of the line......

The final unpainted train on the Tube at Ealing Broadway after its first leg.

I managed to join the train for a short while from West Ham to Ealing Broadway and back to West Ham. The front carriage was full of various staff members and forum members (such as myself) from the District Dave forum. It was nice to be part of the events as staff had made quite an effort to mark the event even if it wasn't 'offically' an event with signs all over the train and announcements all the time. I doubt most people on the train on their way home realised what was going on but a few did and thats a good thing. I've still got the feeling that in 50 years were going to see the reverse of this (after all Tube trains used to be painted!).

One car of the train was still in Ealing depot on monday afternoon waiting its trip up to Derby to be renewed and put in public service for a few years (till the S stock replace it within 10 years or so).
I will be putting more images up on my flickr when I get the chance this week and I will update when I get the chance. In the mean time here a couple of images taken off the cameraphone after the first leg.
As for any future site keep your eyes on the District Dave site, as this forum is not ony good for getting general & techincal Tube questions answered but also events. And I do recommend the site if your another Tube fan like myself.

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