Friday, 13 June 2008

London Overground Works

It been reported in the Construction News (12th June issue) some information over the final stages of phase one of the East London Railway (the old East London Tube Line). The £6.5m Dalston Curve job is up fro grabs for firms with dedicated tracks as well all know. What's new from the article is they plan to put tracks from the Whitechapel to Cannonbury, Highbury & Islington, but keep them going to have reversing platforms at Camden Road. I think this is a mistake as there is no mention of Caledonian Road & Barnsbury. so does this mean services from south of Whitechapel are going to be extended to Caledonian Road & Barnsbury or is the plan to run empty to there from Highbury? I think is another mini extension of the Overground that TfL isn't talking about. The south end at Croydon is going past the published terminus of East Croydon, with two services terminating there an hour with a further two terminating new platforms at South Croydon. More on that when I find out.

Also mentioned is the £100m four tracking of the North London Line from Stratford to Gospel Oak. Now this is interesting as they mention the line is at capacity now on the 11 station section and works include platform lengthening and loops. Funded by DfT, the idea is to run longer trains, which is likely to be the 4 car Electrostars already ordered by TfL. This mean that freight as well as Overground trains will be running on the line. I have a feeling this will also tie into the mega Thames Port development at Thurrock providing a decent rail link for cargo. Just where it will go after Gospel Oak is questionable though.

LUL has also to do some further work on the four more station though which ones aren't mentioned. Basically the work is on CCTV and basic structure work to bring it up to the standards expected by a London Underground stations, good news for the regular user of the line!

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