Monday, 11 February 2008

Summertime? And The Elephant & Castle.

Well its february but for some reason the British weathers decided to bath us in sun! And I've made the most of it as I can!

Nice walk around Waterloo to Elephant & Castle. Seems like they've been busy re-doing the Elephant station as it had all the hallmarks of a refurished station. Only thing I found wrong was once your on the Bakerloo platforms (heading for the Northern line) there is no signs above head. Simply get on the platforms and then get lost. Im sure at rush hour anyone familar will be lost. Or maybe its Tubelines or Metronet's way of showing off what they've done there? Least we're seeing progress in the TfL (hmmm not really as they were agaisnt it) 'investment' programme. Shame that the Northern line platforms look so messy with the adverts being stripped back to tatters. Interesting metal cage on the northbound platform tho! One note tho, don't put stupid glass entrances on a building as nice as this, just looks wrong.

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