Thursday, 14 February 2008

New Thames tunnel

It has come to light that Metrotidal LTD are planning on building a new tunnel between Medway (Kent) and Canvey Island (Essex). What is werid is that they plan to use it for Crossrail. The plan is for a £2-4bn tunnel link for cars as well as a tunnel linking a pretty rural area of Kent with the wetlands of Essex. Seems the announcement surpised alot of people, least of all the planning boards in Kent. Seems they expected to be told about this before Metrotidal went to the DfT. According to the Kent Messenger, the first the parishes heard of the plans was in the news. Not a good sign really especially from a project of this scale. The RSPB are not amused either with possible affects it will have on the wetlands. And the plan isn't for a nice tunnelling machince, the idea is to sink the tunnel parts in the Thames and then remove the water afterwards. Seems a bit cheap plus the affect on the Thames traffic. The company claim its better for the environment based on the fact that trains are greener. Personally I think this isn';t they big interest but a carrot for the DfT to ok the plan. A new tunnel would help ease the congestion on the Dartford toll. And I think this is the key reason for them to make the tunnel. A nice new tunnel that will bring them cash for the foreseeable future. But we will have to wait and see won't we.

It also see that Metrotidal are hoping that Crossrail gets extended back to Ebbsfleet. They are quoted as saying that the tunnel will link into Crossrail at Ebbsfleet. Now forgive me but that isn't Crossrail, its offical dropped. Its actually the location of the HS1 station and will be, from December 2009, part of Southeastern's high speed rail services from Kent to St. Pancras International using HS1. so as far we have a company wanting to spend billions of punds and yet they haven't got there information correct. And I would love to post a link the Metrotidal's website and quote straight from them but for some reason they haven't got a website (, well Google can't find it).

As you might be able to tell I'm not convinced with the whole scheme. Seems to have come out of no-where, not talking to the revelant people and then not going much details (and even then some errors). Time will tell.

Oh and on a minor note theres a new Tube map out for February 2008. Thats the 4th one in 4 months. Hmmmmmm.

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