Wednesday, 29 July 2009

New Central Line platform at Stratford Update

Here's some new images of the new platform 4a at Stratford for the Central Line. The platform is being build as part of the upgrade of Stratford station to handle the Olympic crowds and the extra traffic as the station is now one of the biggest interchanges outside Zone 1 in London.

New Central Line Platform 4a

The Jubilee Line building is in the background here looking towards Canary Wharf.

New Central Line Platform 4a

In the background here is the supports for the new bridge over the railway into Stratford City development and the Olympic Park.

New Central Line Platform 4a

You can see in this image the new station extension building in the background to this shot.

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Anonymous said...

Is the new Central Line platform not 3a? Platform 3 is the current Central Line platform. Platform 4a and 4b were the new DLR platforms. :)