Sunday, 9 August 2009

Blackfriars - Platform 5 Changes

This weekend saw major changes being implemented on the northbound platform 5 at Blackfriars this weekend. As part of the on going works the platform is being extended to the south. This was necessary because of the closure of the link bridge over the District/Circle Line below to the main exit. This now means the main way onto the platform is from the newer St Paul's Walk. The subway between platform 5 and 4 is still open for the movement but will be closing soon once the new link bridge is complete (currently due for a months time).

Blackfriars Platform 5 Works
This is the link bridge not long after closing for the last time. This bridge actually spans the District and Circle Line below, now encased.

Blackfriars Platform 5 Works
This is the signal waiting to be assembled

This massive block is lifted onto the platform onto some concrete to hold it steady.

Note the the route indicator is currently unattached. This was added to the signal once I'd left. The route indicator is needed because of the points just south of City Thameslink allowing trains in either direction to change tracks.

Blackfriars Platform 5 Works
This is the platform extnesion on the south end of the platform 5.

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