Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Seems the first 378 in passenger service will be tomorrow with the following services booked to be 378 trips;

0650 Clapham Junction – Stratford
0809 Stratford – Richmond
0922 Richmond – Stratford
1037 Stratford – Richmond
1157 Richmond – Stratford
1307 Stratford – Richmond
1427 Richmond – Stratford
1537 Stratford – Richmond
1736 Richmond – Willesden Junction
1827 Willesden Junction – Richmond

This follows on from last weeks debut of the first of new Victoria Line trains (09TS). The usual terms apply as it may change last minute but hopefully the first 378 run for us passengers will happen and give the Overground's clearest sign of improvement yet.

First Capital Connect is still getting a slow trickle of new 377/5 units from Bombardier with its 7th unit, 377509, coming into service on Monday 27th July. The 8th unit, 377510, is due at Bedford tomorrow (29th July) in exchanged from Southern's 377206, One of five 377/2's that FCC are still borrowing. 377511 is nearly completed commissioning runs and will be delivered on Tuesday (4th August). The 11th unit will be 377506 and is expected to get to Selhurst on Friday (31st July). Once this unit comes into passenger service of Southern's borrowed 377/2 will have been returned and FCC can then look forward to lengthening service and delivering on the original promises of KO0.


Semtex said...

about bloody time! Thanks for the info!

any news on when they are likely to be on the Watford DC line?

LC said...

Thanks to your excellent post, I was able to adjust my plans this morning to take advantage of a trip.

Really didn't feel like I was on the NLL at all... yes - it was THAT good!

Mackenzie_blu said...

No news on when they hit the DC line yet Im afraid.