Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Transport News Bites - 14th April

Just a few minor updates that don't actually need a full story. But worthwhile reading I think.

December 2009 the AC being installed on both platforms at City Thameslink will go live and all traction change will take place there instead of Farringdon. This is because of Smithfield sidings being the place to store failed trains now Moorgate branch is gone.

Three 377/2 will return to Thameslink in 2011 as part of Key Output One for a 12 car train service. This is likely to be run as a fast to Bedford as all core station will be able to accommodate a 12 car Electrostar as well as Luton and Bedford. Although is seems some works is needed at St Pancras International.

TfL is to claim damages against Bombardier for the delays in delivering London Overground's new fleet of Class 378s.

Reports are that during 2011 the Sevenoaks service will return to Southeastern with First Capital Connect running a new Tonbridge via Bromley South, Orpington, Sevenoaks and Hildenborough service. First Capital Connect will also run a service from London Bridge to Dartford calling at St Johns and then split with all station services via both Lewisham/Welling and Sidcup/Crayford lines. Maps have already been given out to developers in the City although it carries the disclaimer “This map shows a indicative route network. The 2011 Thameslink train service is subject to further evaluation and consultation by the DfT, including an assessment of the levels of train service at and through London Bridge during the construction phase of the station”.

London Overground's new platforms at Stratford have officially opened today. The new high level platforms closure is to allow for conversion to DLR as part of its Stratford International extension.

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon has been discussing getting Crossrail proposal back to Ebbsfleet for interchange with Eurostar and Southeastern's High Speed services as part of the overall Crossrail project. It has been stated that Reading is much more likely due to the electrification of the Great Western main line will improve the business case for Reading.


pubby said...

Some very interesting news there. I wonder what losses London Overground will be able to demonstrate as a result of Electrostar non-delivery.

John B said...

Interesting that works are needing at St Pancras, that's quite rubbish given that the whole point of building the station was to support 12-car trains.

Presumably the London Bridge - Dartford service will actually be a GN/MML -> core -> LB -> Dartford service? It'd be rather odd for FCC to take on a LB terminator...

On the LO trains, they may well have financial penalties for non-availability written into the contract, in which case it's irrelevant whether they can demonstrate any actual losses.

Anonymous said...

* City Thameslink

Wasn't the OHLE going to be operational sometime this summer? OK, so the Moorgate branch doesn't close until December 2009 but it seems like slow progress.

Furthermore, if southbound services will no longer changeover at Farringdon (this contrasts with what is stated in the Thameslink Rolling Stock Project) will the third rail north of City Thameslink still be left in place?

* KO1 377s

I read about this somewhere - apparently the three units will be berthed overnight in Brighton and form a 12-car diagram throughout. Quite frankly I'll be disappointed if this is the only such diagram, even when the remaining 21 (!) 377/5s are in service for KO0 that'll leave 10 4-car peak services per day (and yes FCC did say 6 in the past).

The StP platforms are long enough for 12-car services (they are 250m/255m long) so exactly what works are needed besides moving the DOO monitors?

* KO1 services

I've checked the South London RUS and I am intrigued to see that the proposed Tonbridge/Dartford services mentioned aren't shown, so the provisional network has changed again.

I agree that it would be odd for FCC to take on what is quite simply a Southeastern service (i.e. if it doesn't fully penetrate the core).

Mackenzie said...

My source stated that St Pancras was designed to 12 car 319 specs ande for some reason the 377's dont fit right. Whether this issue has been resolved I dont know.

Yes both the Tonbridge and Dartford services are extenions of services from the Core, hence refering to the Sevenoaks service returning to Southeastern. Sadly I only have a badly photocopied map, will try and upload a photo of it to my flickr.

The news that City will be the changeover period comes from Network Rail so Im assuming this is correct. As for the fate of the 3rd rail, I didn't think of this but it will go atleast as far as Smithfield. The OHLE will actually extend to just beyond the platforms at the south end. Also was told that both North and Southbound trains will change over at City rather than Farringdon. This is a late change as originally only the northbound was going to have OHLE.

Seems as Moorgate complete closes, City goes full OHLE usage along with Smithfield. Note Smithfield is ok for certain 12 car trains once the OHLE is in but the 377 in 12 cars wont be able to use the sidings. There is an offical list somewhere of what can and can't be put in there.

There is delivery date payments included in the 378 contracts tho I don't have the figures.

Paul Scott said...

The AC/DC changeover points are explained in detail in the Thameslink EMU spec.
"All service trains are expected to stop at both City Thameslink and Farringdon stations in both directions. Hence the proposed arrangements are that during NORMAL operation southbound trains will change over from AC to DC during the stop at Farringdon, while northbound trains will change over from DC to AC during the stop at City Thameslink."

"If a southbound train is unable to take traction on DC but can continue on AC the train will work forward to City Thameslink where passengers will be de-trained. The train will then reverse and return north as empty stock on AC (or pick up a timetable working from Farringdon)."

"If a northbound train is unable to take traction on AC but can continue on DC passengers will be detrained at City Thameslink. The train will then be worked forward to Smithfield Sidings (subject to an 8-car limit) or to Farringdon to reverse via the crossover and return south as empty stock on
DC (or pick up a timetable working from City Thameslink)."

The SL RUS does already explain that not all 8 car trains fit in Smithfield, so I think you've misheard something.

Mackenzie said...

I actually spoke to the guys and said you could only get 8 car train in Smithfield and was told that certain 12 car trains will fit however the source didn't have to hand all the classes that would fit. I was surprised but I'm lead to believe that only one 12 car train could be stored there instead of two 8 car trains.

Also it seems that there's updated plans for City now that the RUS may not have had access to. With all the work going on its possible they'll move the track to be able to take longer trains. After all, all the track in the Core is being replaced.

DW down under said...

Data from Wikipedia

Class 317 length: 19.83m
Class 319 length: not stated
Class 321 length: 19.95
Class 377 length: 20.4m

Overall, about 5 1/2 metres difference over 12 cars. Might be enough to need some "corrective" action. My 2p

DW down under