Monday, 6 April 2009



The first of First Capital Connect's five class 321 EMU stands at Hornsey depot.

As part of the Great Northern 'seats for you' project to increase capacity with additional trains, five 4 car 321 units are being delivered to FCC. So far the first two have arrived from London Midland and the next three due shortly. Before they go into service two of the units will have an internal refreshment and three will carry the FCC external colours. Unlike the 377/5's (for the moment) being introduced the units will also have logo on the sides. This is all due by the May timetable change with the following three units refurbished and final two externally completed later this year.

FCC have also taken on 23 staff from Bombarbier who are now hard at work doing the heavy maintenance on the companies 365 EMU 'Networkers'. This will strength FCC's internal resources especially at the companies major depot doing all the heavy maintenance.

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