Monday, 9 February 2009

Thameslink Programme Update

Just an update on Farringdon works as part of the Thameslink Programme. The first part of the new bridge is finally up and working now. Hoping over the next few weeks the rest of the bridge (to the right of the bit you seen in this picture) will be installed and completed before Moorgate branch is closed and Farringdon gets alot busier interchange.

Also the first of the new trains for First Capital connect is currently on test with the following paths

5Z70 2050 Selhurst depot - London Bridge 2108
5Z70 2114 London Bridge - Gatwick Sidings 2155
5Z71 2208 Gatwick Sidings - London Bridge 2237
5Z72 2245 London Bridge - Brighton 2354
5Z73 0003 Brighton - London Bridge 0055
5Z74 0102 London Bridge - Brighton 0151
5Z75 0200 Brighton - London Bridge 0248
5Z76 0254 London Bridge - Gatwick 0319
5Z77 0325 Gatwick - Selhurst depot

It also seems thats another two 377 (likely 502 and 503) are to be deliveried on saturday morning (if anything like 501 around 0200-0300). This seems to work with the latest information that FCC will run with five 377 in the new timetable on March 22nd.

This is all good news for those affected by the Thameslink programme as it seems things are starting to kick in. I for one can't wait to see what March's timetable change brings us in terms of altered services. So far the information Im getting seems to be that instead of being able to run all but six services as 8 car trains, there will be many more 4 car trains in peak until all 23 377/5 units are in service. To give an idea how long it takes to do a 4 car 377, Im told atleast three cars have been made in jan. This of course is unconfirmed information.

Stay tuned for more updates as events happen including a time line of changes at Blackfriars.


Anonymous said...

I.K. reckons it's most likely 1 unit, and that it'll probably be 504 (although another unit in the same formation isn't out of the question since it's cheaper in theory). As to why it's 504 and not 502, he said don't ask.

So I didn't. Anyway, I for one am glad to see new content on your blog after that short(-ish) hiatus. :)

Dazz285 said...

Have you taken any photo's of these new trains?

Anonymous said...

No, but someone else has given permission for their photos to be shown here. I reckon you'll see them on this blog very soon.