Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Circle Line To Be Broken This Year?

I've recently heard that plans to spilt the Circle Line have been brought forward to December 2009. This has been reported by the Rail Professional February 2009 issue. They have said that London Underground have confirmed this . The plan to create a straighter Circle Line is not new as it had problems since it was first introduced as without ending at any point the line suffers from lateness as they can't recover a train. The issue with terimating trains from Notting Hill at Edgware Road means that both Circle Line and Edgware Road District Lines trains would terimate in the four platform station as well as Hammersmith & City and Circle Line trains to Kings Cross going through. This would mean the reduction of District trains which is proving very unpopluar. also chaging using narrow staircases and footbridge at Edgware Road in large numbers could be a safely hazard. The image above shows what the Circle Line would look like on the Tube map (along side the Northern Line spilt and Crossrail 2).

One good piece of news is London Underground will provide an fall back timetable allowing the change back to the current set up if its deemed unworkable with review dates after 3, 6 and 12 months after the change over. Extra staff at Edgware Road is expect as well.

Hopefully we'll have an offical statement from London Underground on this.

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