Thursday, 4 June 2009

Electrostar Update

FCC's 7th Electrostar, unit 377509, sits in the cleaning sheds at Selhurst Depot on the 2nd June 2009 shortly after delivery.

With the recent problems of Bombardier I thought it would prove useful to update the current status of the Electrostars for both FCC (377/5) and London Overground (378).


The original plan was for most of the 377/5 dual voltage units to be ready for the Thameslink Programme (TLP) Key Output Zero (KO0), as we know this didn't happen and the massive timetable change went ahead and only on the second day did the first passenger run of a 377/5 happen on the 24th March 2009. So far six units have been delivered with the 7th, 377509 currently at Selhurst on commissioning runs. 377510 was reported on the test track at Bombardier's Derby center last week.

The units have so far been in service as such

377501 – 24/03/09
377504 – 30/03/09
377502 – 29/04/09
377507 – 08/05/09
377508 – 18/05/09
377505 – 29/05/09

The current expected date for all 23 377/5 is now December 2009, some 7 months late.


The 378 fleet for London Overground has suffered worse. Originally it was hoped that the first would be in passenger service in December 2008. This was soon to be disappointed as the only 378 delivered in 2008 was 378001 which was only fitted out for test running. The first 378 ready for passenger service was 378005. This was followed by 378007 and the latest unit is 378015 which left Derby today (4th May). The latest updated estimate of a 378 in passenger service is 29th June. This is now some seven months late.

Units 378002/006/009/011/013/014/016 have all been seen completed externally at Derby.

Hopefully as the year progresses more Electrostars will delivered which will help relief overcrowding on FCC's Thameslink routes and provide the best proof of the upgrade to the London Overground is really happening and from next year provide lengthen trains and increased frequencies.


Dazz285 said...

378115 is indeed at Willesden Tmd and i tucked it away in the shed late last night ;-)

Dazz285 said...

Took a few pic's