Wednesday, 20 May 2009

378 Passenger debut set

A new date has been given out for the first of TfL Overground class 378 Electrostar to be I passenger service. The first unit is now planned to take its first paying passengers on the Monday 15th June, just over three weeks away. This is some six months later than originally planned. This is due to the lack of parts that have also affected the 378s cousins, the 377/5 for FCC. This is good news for the users of the Overground as the current class 313 are looking very worn in their Sliverlink livery.

So far Bombardier have delivered 378005 and 378007 with 378001 having gone back to Derby to be fitted out for customer use as it was only a shell used for line testing. This compares badly with the 377/5 as six have now made it out of Bombardier's works with five already in service.

Hopefully more units will soon follow and allow for the complete change of the Overground fleet from what it is today. The units will, however, be returning to Derby next year for carriage lengthening as all the trains will end up four cars compared to the initial delivery of three car units. So the fleet is still yet to be completely finished for awhile after passenger service.


Dazz285 said...

Just thought I'd add at little snippet... Driver training is already 3 weeks behind schedule, and still not started, and 378005 has done it's 2000 miles.

Mackenzie said...

Hopefully you'll get a date soon but lest there is some actual progress this time!

Thanks for the update as well :-)