Friday, 6 March 2009

Moorgate Closure

The end is coming for the short branch from Farringdon to Moorgate for First Capital Connect's Thameslink route. To make way for the new 12 car platforms at Farringdon the two station link will be cut off from the end of peak traffic on the 2oth March 2009.

Current passanger trains are as follows

Morning arrivals

0659 from Bedford
0723 from Luton
0735 from Luton
0743 from Bedford
0751 from Bedford
0755 from Luton
0819 from Luton
0823 from St Albans
0839 from Bedford
0847 from Bedford
0855 from Luton
0911 from Luton
0941 from St Albans

Evening Departures

1635 to Bedford
1710 to Bedford
1720 to St Albans
1724 to Bedford
1744 to Bedford
1804 to Luton
1816 to Bedford
1828 to Bedford
1840 to Bedford
1906 to Bedford

Come the morning of the 23rd March anyone wanting to get to Barbican and Moorgate will have to change at Frringdon for the Underground. As part of a deal any season ticket for two years after the closure is vaild to Moorgate on the Underground at "no extra cost". After this time I assume that you will need a Zone 1 travelcard to get to Moorgate from stations on the Thameslink route.

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