Monday, 26 January 2009

Access Tube Map

There is a new access tube map up on the TfL website. This is designed to combat the age old problem of people with access issuses getting on and using the Tube.

The basic system seems to be the three step between platform and train step with

* Green is 5cm and under
* Amber 51-12mm
* Red 12m1-323mm.

This is for how far you'd be expect to stretch if you are walking. For people who used wheelchairs or buggys there is a gap rating, agian based on three types.

* A is under 85mm
* B 86-180mm
* C being 181-253mm.

One bad point about the map is the fact there is so much text on the left hand side it distracts me never mind anyone with bad eye sight (one of the target groups). But I personally feel that this is a step in the right direction for LUL to take to address the needs of all users. They do however need to make sure free handout copies are always around for customers and have they on stations next to the standard map.

I hope tho with this new map the offical Tube is the removable of the wheelchair symbols which either help those with access problems nor help the general customer work out the network. Ie there is little difference between Bow Church and Westminster according to the current map from a customers point of view looking at the map only.

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